Letters to the Editor — March 27, 2021


The Issue: President Biden’s performance at his first press conference since taking office.

President Biden’s press conference was a fiasco and emblematic of an administration submerged in fallacies and incompetence (“Glazed and confused,” March 26). .

Biden delivered a cluster of fabrications before a chum­my, slobbering aggregation of incurious, so-called journalists asking him simplistic questions.

His reliance on sheets of photos of the journalists was pathetic and does not bode well or inspire confidence in stability for our country.

It was difficult to witness and obvious that the ulterior motive of his puppet presidency is to move the country toward a conglomeration of detrimental, left-wing policies.

Denis David
East Rockaway

Yes, Biden is a “nice guy.” And that’s why more than 81 million Americans voted for him (“The Press’ Biden Suck-Up,” Editorial, March 26).

No more uncontrolled musings of a wannabe autocrat, belligerent, bellicose and completely disrespectful of the office of the presidency.

It’s a breath of fresh air, sorely needed at this divided time in our nation. The press conference may have done nothing to help you, but it sure helped me.

Barbara Bellantonio
East Meadow

At his long-awaited press conference, Biden seemed bothered and bewildered, while the sycophantic press remained bewitched by a man in undeniable decline.

What a long, sad way we’ve come from President John Kennedy’s beguiling charm, President Ronald Reagan’s sharp-witted strength and the in-command con­fidence of President Donald Trump.

To see the American president losing his train of thought, giving single-word responses, and (above all) relying heavily on large-font, illustrated cheat sheets is to witness the decline of this once-proud nation.

To think, Uncle Joe can barely follow the directions of his handlers onto Air Force One, let alone lead — yet one of the major headlines out of his pathetic performance was that he expects to run for re-election.

S. Silver

It is hard to understand what press briefing Michael Goodwin and The Post editors were watching Thursday.

Unlike his predecessor, Biden was in command of the subject matter, presidential in decorum and free of prevarication.

Nonetheless, he’s criticized by The Post for having briefing notes with him. In my profession that’s what we refer to as “being prepared.”

He’s also criticized for not answering every question posed and demurring on occasion. Compare that to a boorish TV host who would tell reporters they weren’t very good if they happened to ask him a stumper.

The polls seem to show Americans have a more favorable view of Biden than The Post.

Louis Maione

Biden is unfit to be president. In Thursday’s press conference, he knew the questions that were coming. He had a list of which reporters to call on. He also had notes helping him with the answers, yet he still appeared confused and at times lost his train of thought.

But before he goes, I would like a reporter to ask one question: How many immigrants will the United States take in until it is time to close the borders — 20 million, 50 million or over 100 million?

This question has to be asked and answered.

Robert Henry
Palm City, Fla.

Everything that conservatives have asserted for decades about media bias was proven true at the Biden “press conference” on March 25.

Far from being an exploration of Biden’s shortcomings as well as accomplishments, it was a full-blown cheering section of an adoring fan base.

Not for nothing, America has lost confidence in the media. Far from being “the first draft of history,” they are propaganda agents of the Democratic Party and are well on their way toward being ignored by consumers — the inevitable result of their bias.

David S. Levine
Hobe Sound, Fla.

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