President Donald Trump Announces New Impeachment Legal Team


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Charlotte, NC — Former President Donald Trump has announced his new legal team. It was reported by multiple mainstream media outlets over the weekend that his entire legal team had resigned amid differences.

While those differences were not clear, it was reportedly due to President Donald Trump’s request to include evidence for stealing the election.

In an announcement from The Office of Donald J. Trump, Trump announced that he has formed an entirely new legal team. The announcement also noted the impeachment proceedings were unconstitutional.

Trump’s new legal team consists of attorneys David Schoen and Bruce L. Castor, Jr. In the official announcement, both attorneys included statements that they were proud to represent Trump. “It is an honor to represent the 45th President, Donald J. Trump, and the United States Constitution,” said Schoen.

Castor added, “I consider it a privilege to represent the 45th President. The strength of our Constitution is about to be tested like never before in our history. It is strong and resilient. A document written for the ages, and it will triumph over partisanship yet again, and always.”

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