Trump Should Simply Ignore Senate Impeachment Trial


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Charlotte, NC — Over the weekend, multiple mainstream media outlets were making a big deal about former President Donald Trump’s legal team. Many of them reported that President Trump had asked for his impeachment defense to consist of arguments that the election was stolen. They said that those requests caused his legal team to simply walk away.

This seems to be the side of the story that the mainstream media wants to push. Other reports shared that Trump had never signed letters of intent and that no money was exchanged for services.

In either case, President Trump has no need for a legal defense. At this point, President Trump should simply ignore the impeachment hearing altogether and pretend it is not happening.

The Democrats have no chance to convict President Trump. There are simply not enough Republicans that are willing to go along with the ridiculous nature of this trial. Sure, they will get a few of them (think Romney, Collins, etc.), but they will not get 17 of them. They need 67 votes to convict and Vice President Kamala Harris’ vote wouldn’t apply here.

There’s also the fact that Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts will not be at the trial. The Left will argue that it is procedural because Trump is no longer President. If that is the case, then you have no legal basis for impeaching him either. That’s the exact argument that Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) made just a couple of days ago.

There is no precedent for an impeachment conviction of a President that is no longer in office. While the Democrats want to proceed with the trial to try and prevent Trump from ever holding office again, there is no indication that it would be a constitutional act.

The Democrats will ram this impeachment hearing through the Senate and attempt to put on a show to the American people. Donald Trump should not fall for it. Instead, he should simply ignore it for the ridiculous government show that it is.

The Left is banking on the fact that Trump will want to try to argue his point and defend his position. Why bother if you cannot be convicted? They want his sound bites and his press releases to try and use against him.

If he ignores the trial, the Democrats gain nothing but a waste of American tax dollars and their time. Republicans can use the opportunity to continue to show Americans that Democrats are not interested in helping them, they are only interested in power and the radical agenda. They are only interested in themselves, instead of representing those who elected them to Congress.

While I certainly believe that there are some issues on the Republican side of the aisle, this is one area where Republicans can do themselves some favors. They can use the impeachment trial to their advantage and against Joe Biden.

Let the Democrats perform the impeachment trial. Let them present little to no evidence to support their claims. As Republicans start their defense, they should simply start telling stories from across the country.

Tell the stories of small businesses that have closed while the Democrats refuse to do anything. Tell the stories of the people whose lives have been changed at the hands of Antifa and the riots that the Left has supported. Finally, tell the story of Hunter Biden and the corruption of the Biden family.

There is absolutely nothing that the Democrats can accomplish through the impeachment trial of President Trump. It is a golden opportunity for Republicans to start laying the groundwork for 2022 and 2024, however.

Democrats Are Ready To Take Care Of Your Money

While it may have been a slow news weekend, there are three things that seem to stand out. The first is the big deal that the mainstream media made over President Trump’s legal team leaving. While they reported reasons for their departure, the concern should be minimal.  In fact, President Trump really does not need a legal defense team.

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